One Fee Solution

One Fee SolutionTM & One Fee GuaranteeTM

One of the biggest concerns we hear throughout the defense industry is the nation-wide increase in legal costs over the last several years.  And it’s not just about an increase in fees.  The greater challenge seems to be the uncertainty and general financial chaos that litigation brings.

Not only are clients frustrated by the lack of predictability in legal billing from month-to-month, but also about the inability to know how long the billing will continue until the case is closed.  And of course, in this age of “nuclear” verdicts, inaccurate evaluation of risk and exposure can have dramatic effects on the client’s business interests and bottom line.

The One Fee SolutionTM

To provide our clients with greater clarity and peace of mind, Murphy Legal developed the One Fee SolutionTM.  Qualified clients are billed a low fixed fee per month, which includes all attorney fees and firm expenses, such as travel, meals, postage, copies, and legal research.  (The client remains responsible for fees and expenses of third-party vendors such as court reporters, experts, record retrieval services, process servers, and private investigators.)

Here’s how it works.  Each new case is assigned a risk profile based on liability, total exposure, and other factors. Clients are then billed monthly for a maximum number of months based upon the risk profile. However, if the case is resolved within the pre-negotiated timeframe, the client is billed only through the month the case is closed.  Nothing more.

Of course, if the case is not resolved within the assigned timeframe, Murphy Legal assumes the remainder of the legal defense at no cost to the client (excluding third-party vendor charges).

Results Driven

To ensure that we provide quick and efficient resolution of all cases, Murphy Legal has created a whole new breed of law firm.  Unlike most defense firms who compensate attorneys based on billable hours, Murphy Legal is focused on client results.

Instead of billable hours, our team members are compensated according to our clients’ most important criteria, such as duration of the file, accuracy of case evaluation, and timeliness of reporting.  By aligning the interests of our attorneys and our clients, Murphy Legal can provide the highest standard of quality and performance in legal defense services.

The One Fee GuaranteeTM

In fact, we are so confident that we will properly evaluate the risk and exposure for each claim, Murphy Legal backs all legal services with the One Fee GuaranteeTM.  Under this one-of-a-kind guarantee, if a jury verdict exceeds the maximum exposure announced in our pre-trial risk assessment, the client will receive a full refund of the attorney fees paid to our firm for the work performed on that particular matter.

For more information about the One Fee GuaranteeTM or Murphy Legal’s One Fee SolutionTM, contact us today at 979-690-0800 or fill out our prospective client questionnaire.

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