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When you think about it, accidents aren’t all that different from hurricanes. They both cause damage, result in loss, and create chaos for those they affect. They both leave the world a little different than it was before, no matter how well things are cleaned up afterward. At Murphy Legal, we are revolutionizing the client experience in the defense industry with a brand-new approach to litigation and lawyers who are up to the task—both professionally and personally.

Premises Liability Legal Services

Each and every business that owns or occupies property has exposure to premises liability claims. Serious accidents may be the result of failure to adhere to dock safety requirements or third-party negligence. Although claims can arise from a multitude of scenarios, Murphy Legal is committed to ensuring our defense dictates the outcome of a case.

“We’re being sued by the Big Bad Wolf. Apparently, he injured his back on our property while trying to blow the house down.”

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