Non-Subscriber Defense

Non-Subscriber Defense

There are many reasons a business may not carry workers’ compensation insurance. Maybe they felt they were too small, maybe they were in the process of researching options, or maybe they opted out in disagreement with regulation. Whatever the motivation for not carrying this protection, if a legal matter arises, there are still options a business may have.

Legal matters are complex. Additionally, laws and regulations change often. Our team is prepared to guide you through potential lawsuits if an employee claims an injury at work. Whether the claim is small or large, it matters to your employees and to your company.

We actively research the factors and circumstances surrounding the claim before advising you on next steps. Murphy Legal helps you explore settlement opportunities first. If settlement cannot be reached prior to trial, our team of trial attorneys is prepared to represent you and your company in court. If you are trying to decide on moving towards putting a compensation plan in place, need advice on potential cases that may come forward, or are currently in an existing lawsuit, Murphy Legal can assist you.

“Justice delayed is justice denied.”

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