Non-Subscriber Defense

Non-Subscriber Defense

Texas does not require employers to carry workers compensation insurance. Employers that make that decision are called “non-subscribers.” Many times, Texas “non-subscriber” employers make this change as a cost saving mechanism compared to paying workers compensation insurance premiums.

When an employer becomes a non-subscriber employer, it is legally permissible for their injured employee to file a lawsuit.

However, there are a myriad of tools that “non-subscriber” employers have at their disposal to prevent employee personal injury litigation. These include creating an ERISA based occupational injury benefit plan that pays for an injured employees’ medical bills and lost wages. Other available tools are the use of arbitration agreements and the implementation of well documented employee safety training programs.

The attorneys at Murphy Legal have over twenty years of experience in litigating “non-subscriber” personal injury claims, including bringing cases to resolution through dispositive motions, mediation, arbitration hearings, and jury trials.

“Justice delayed is justice denied.”

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