Contracts are created as a form of protection. We all enter into contracts with the hope that both parties will fulfill the terms listed on the document, each having an obligation to one another. Unfortunately, contracts are breached or broken completely on a fairly regular basis. Parties who have broken contracts claim many reasons, from disagreement over intent or language of the contract, circumstances that fell outside of the explicit contract itself, or even terms that were ignored outright, hoping enforcement of the contract wouldn’t occur.

When a contract is broken, it isn’t merely a frustration for companies, it can mean a loss in time, services, and profits. To add insult to injury, not only must these losses be offset in other ways, but it’s often necessary to hire an attorney to enforce or recover on the contract itself. As overwhelming as the situation may seem, these disputes should not be ignored. Murphy Legal can help.

Our team can answer questions about your rights, review the contract in question, pursue enforcement of the contract, or demand compensation when warranted. Whether at the negotiation table or in the courtroom, our priority is to resolve these disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible so your company can move forward. Murphy Legal wants your business to be protected by the contracts it has entered into.

“Read your contracts. Up and down, left and right.”
Lauren Jauregui

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