Insurance Defense

Insurance Defense

What is one of the most complicated systems in place for our society, full of rules, regulations, and stipulations that are difficult to understand and even more difficult to navigate? Insurance, of course. You might have guessed “the legal system,” but we would have to disagree when these two areas converge, with insurance disputes needing legal intervention, navigation becomes even more challenging.

Texas has many insurance needs and our businesses are no exception. Claims can range from minor fender benders for a commercial-use sedan to multi-million-dollar losses from a catastrophic accident or other event. Any insurance related legal matter requires diligent management, from research, mediation, and litigation, potentially through trial. Murphy Legal can walk you and your company through these steps and provide the counsel you need.

If you are currently seeking to defend your company or an insured against insurance-related recovery, or simply desire to be proactive in seeking advice from a proficient and experienced team, Murphy Legal is prepared to be an asset to your business. Please contact us today to discuss how we can meet your insurance-defense needs.

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