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At Murphy Legal, we are revolutionizing the client experience in the defense industry with a brand-new approach to litigation and lawyers who are up to the task—both professionally and personally. Recognizing the upward trend in legal fees caused by traditional methods of defending against plaintiffs’ tactics, such as the well-known Reptile Theory, Murphy Legal was formed for one sole purpose: to think outside the box…way outside the box.

We initially conducted extensive research on the psychological aspects of Reptile Theory itself and made some shocking discoveries about simple yet effective ways to protect our clients from Reptile wrath and nuclear verdicts. We then began creating the Murphy Legal System, which includes procedures and custom-developed software to streamline the litigation process, increase transparency, and ensure predictable cost controls for our clients.

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Paul Murphy
Eduardo Prado
Sarah Lux
Aaron Hubbard
Lisa Linney
Kristie Giesenschlag
Yesenia Mora
Dawn Cagle
Leany Hammer
Ashley Wesp
Alex Montellano


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